Nylabone Big Chews

I love to chew, and chew, and chew. But thankfully, I only chew on stuff that I’m supposed to. I don’t chew on Mom and Dad’s stuff.

The only problem is that I’m a very powerful chewer so with most toys, I can destroy them in less than a day. So it’s taken a lot of trial and error to find me a good chew toy. And I’m part hound dog so I love chew bones. Mom and Dad won’t let me have real bones though. They say there are too many dangers with them. So they rely on “fake” bones.

One day, by a stroke of luck and genius, my Dad found something called Nylabone. Mom and Dad found a bunch of different kinds, and after some trial and error they decided that the Big Chew line by Nylabone.


They have three different kinds. The Beef Bone, the Knot Bone, and the Turkey Leg. I don’t really care for the Knot Bone. It’s a bit smaller than the other two, so it doesn’t last as long. The Turkey Bone one is very new, and I just got one yesterday. I love it! But the Beef Bone is also fantastic.

They are all made out of nylon. They are rather inexpensive, and one usually lasts me about three months. By that point it starts to get too small and Dad and Mom decide that it’s time to throw it away. But they always make sure I have a new one first, since I need something to chew on and they don’t want me to become “destructive” because I’m bored.

Three months may not sound like a long life for a chew toy, but for someone like me who normally destroys toys for “powerful” chewers in a day, it’s a very long time.

Mom and Dad swears by them, and so do I! I give Nylabone Big Chews line 5 out of 5 paws





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Petco Easy Step-In Dog Harness Review

I am a tricky, tricky dog. No really I am!

You see I have this knack for getting out of my collar when the leash is attached to it. I have gotten off my leash three times in the short period of time that I’ve been living with Mom and Dad. I have never once ran off. I always came right to Dad when I was called. But that didn’t stop Dad’s heart from jumping into his throat each time.

Mom and Dad couldn’t figure out how I was getting out of my collar. It is tight enough and when they tug on it it doesn’t go up and over my head. So apparently I’m magic or something.

But regardless of how, Mom and Dad don’t want it happening again. They thought about getting me a “choke chain”, but quickly dismissed the idea since it is still possible to get out of them. I use to have a “no-slip” collar, but it was ripping my handsome fur out! 😦 Not good! So Mom and Dad had switched me to a regular collar.

Then Mom suggested that we get me something called a harness. Neither Mom or Dad have ever used one before, but they knew it was impossible to get out of without chewing it off, which honestly could be done with a leash as well.

So while Dad was at work today, Mom set to work looking for a dog harness. She had heard that they were really hard to get on, and she was kind of worried about that since I would only be wearing it when I go outside.

She stumbled upon one that claimed to be an “easy step-in” harness. That peaked her interest. The first style she found was obviously for a girl dog. Ew! Pink butterflies! Yuck Mom!

So she looked at other designs and found this:

It is called the “Petco Easy Step-In Dog Harness”. You may not be able to tell from the picture, as Mom couldn’t find a close-up one, but it is black with white skull & crossbones all over it! Mom was so happy to find it because I already have a collar with skull & crossbones on it. I am Pirate Puppy ©! Mom says that the Jolly Roger is my logo. *wags tail*

Here are the specs on it:

  • Simple easy step-in design
  • Simply lay the harness flat, place right & left paws in & snap on
  • Edgy mini white skull print
  • Adjustable for a custom fit on your dog or room to grow for your puppy
  • Features heavy duty stitching and metal d-rings

As you can probably tell in the pictures there are two metal d-rings on the part of the harness that lays on my back. They are on either side of the buckle that connects the whole thing. Dad just clips the matching leash that they also bought to the metal d-rings and we’re good to go!

It is so simple to put on! As I said Mom and Dad have never used a dog harness before and they figured this out in seconds with no help from anyone in the store! I am very proud of them. It is easy to adjust as well.

On the inside of the harness there is a little decal on either side of the harness. On the left side it has a little paw print with the letter “L” for left on it, and on the right side there is a little paw print with the letter “R” for right on it. Like I said, it is extremely simple to put on.

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s durable, and it’s stylish! It matches the collar I already had (They do have a collar they sell that matches the harness and leash as well. But I already had a skull and crossbones collar so no need to get a new one.), and there was a matching leash that Mom and Dad also purchased. Needless to say this product gets five out of five paws!

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4th of July Name Game

One of the blogs I read is Dog Eared. They did a post today that explains how each of them got their names. So I thought I would participate since it sounds like so much fun! It is called the 4th of July Name Game!

I was a stray for quite some time. But then the nice people at the Humane Society picked me up, cleaned me up, and tried to help my find a family.

The Humane Society where I was sometimes does “themed” names. Like sometimes they do celebrity names, other times they do holiday themed names. Why? I have no idea. But it’s fun!

But when I was there they were doing baseball themed names! So my full “original” name was “Triple” Radar. That was the name that was posted outside of my room at the Humane Society when Mom and Dad came to find me.

So after they adopted me they decided that something about the way I look and the way I act made it seem like Radar was a good name for me. However, they dropped the “Triple” part as they are not baseball fans and they didn’t think it quite fit me to have a longer name. They thought just Radar was a lot better for me (and easier to call out as well).

I’m glad they dropped the “Triple” though. I don’t want people calling me Trip for short. Blech! *sticks tongue out*

So there you have it! How I got my name!

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I’m Still Here!

We have all been very busy here at our home. Mom has been working her tail off. Well she never actually had a tail, but you get my point I’m sure. And Dad has been nailing down a job as well.

Mom tried to explain to me that now that Dad is going to be working again, that I’m going to have the apartment to myself for about 8 hours most days. I’m not too keen on that idea, but Mom said that because we’ll have more money, I can be spoiled more often so I guess that’s a good enough trade-off.

I have been living with Mom and Dad for about three months now and they are great! They are my pack, and I love them.

I’ve been spending my days playing, running around like a maniac, and learning lots of new stuff.

Dad says that it is not acceptable to jump up on people when I am first meeting them, so they are trying to teach me to sit down before I get pets. I’m a pretty long pup, and a larger mutt so some people are a little scared of me when all I want is some attention. Mom and Dad don’t want people to get the wrong idea about me, so they are working on my manners. I’m just a lover puppy though! I’m so sweet, and innocent! Okay, maybe not so much on the innocent part. But still!

But I’m such a smart dog that now when I want pets I sit down immediately. I just have to work on the staying calm part. I like to rough house a bit too much Mom says, but hey.. I’m working on it lady! I think she only complains because I weigh only 30 lbs less than she does. Mom’s tiny.

I also need to have a talk with my Mom. She needs to update my stuff more often! I have fans ya know! They need to know things about me! I am famous! *stomps paw*

On top of learning how to take pets nicely, I have learned, or am learning, the following things since moving in with my pack:

  1. Sit – Completed
  2. Down (as in lay down) – Completed
  3. Hugs (where I am allowed to pop up and give hugs) – Completed
  4. Off (as in get off of the person/thing) – Completed
  5. Walk Nice (on a leash) – Working On It
  6. Crawl – Working On It
  7. Go to Your Room (my crate) – Completed
  8. Drop It – Working On It
  9. Leave It – Working On It

Mom and Dad are very proud of me! They say they aren’t very interested in teaching me things like “Roll Over”, “Play Dead”, etc. Mom might treat me “Shake” or “High Five” though so I can find new and fun ways to greet people rather than trying to jump up on them.

I do know not to go into what Mom and Dad call “The Bunny Room”. I have two brothers and a sister, all three of them are rabbits. I am not allowed in there though. They are all older bunnies and Mom and Dad don’t want me to stress them out. I do my best to not go in there, but it smells sssooo interesting! But even if my ball rolls in there, which is my favorite toy in the whole wide world, I stop at the door frame and then come and get Mom or Dad to get it for me. See, I told you I was smart.

Mom and Dad say they are very impressed with me, beings as I was a stray before the nice people at the Humane Society took me in and helped me find Dad and Mom. I much prefer having a place to call home, that’s for sure.

Although I did scare Dad one night pretty good. It had just finished storming outside and I had to go potty. So Dad put my leash on and after I was done going potty, I started running around just being me. Then out of no where, I reached the end of my leash but I kept going. The leash didn’t. Dad still isn’t sure how that happened, but in the process two of my tags went flying off.

I started running in circles out in the parking lot and Dad got down on his haunches and called me to him. The first time I got close but then trotted off again. So Dad tried again and this time I came right to him! He praised me a lot and lead me back into our apartment by my collar. Mom had to let us in because Dad had his hands full. They made sure the collar hadn’t broken and then when Mom and Dad went back outside to look for the two tags that had flew off of me.

They were very important tags! They were my rabies and dog license. They say I need them. Mom found my dog license but they weren’t able to find my rabies tag. So they gave up and came back inside.

I got a lot more praise and treats for coming to Dad when he called me. They were just glad I was okay and still safe at home. The next morning when Mom took me outside before she left for work, she found my rabies tag! Yay! So she put all my tags on the same link on my collar instead of on two different ones.

Now Mom and Dad take longer before they let me go outside, checking, and double checking to make sure my leash is attached properly. They worry to much. But they say that’s their job.

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Trip to the Lake

Mom asked Dad if we could all go for a trip down to the lake today. So after a little bit of just enjoying our Sunday morning, we all hopped into the car and headed out.

I had no idea what a lake was, but who cares! I was in the car and going somewhere with my people!

So finally Dad parks the car and we get out. I see a lot of trees, and grass, and some things called trails. All I know is that I was outside and having a great time! Part of the trails had steps on them.

I wasn’t to sure about the steps. We don’t have a lot of stairs at home, so at first I took my time, but before you knew it I was dragging Dad up and down those stairs! It was a lot of fun.

Then I was introduced to this weird squishy type substance called sand. It felt really weird between my toes, but it was nice and comfortable when I laid down.

But then Mom had to go and ruin it. She got the bright idea of walking out into the water. At first I wasn’t sure about going in. So Mom just stood there, in the water, in her shoes and jeans, and tried to coax me in.

“Come on Radar! It’s okay!” … Yeah. Sure Mom. Whatever you say, crazy lady.

But eventually I decided I would at least try it. I walked out as far as she did and the waves were just reaching my belly. But then she kept walking forward and asking me to walk forward too, until suddenly my feet couldn’t touch the ground! ACK! So I swam a circle around Mom and decided it was time to go back onto land, where the ground doesn’t suddenly go away. Stupid lake.

We played a bit more out on the beach, and Mom tried getting me to go into the water again, but I was having none of it!

Dad just laughed at both of us. We then went back through the trails and into the car. I did have a lot of fun, but I’m not to sure about this whole lake thing. Dad said next time we’d try something called a pond, which I guess is basically a smaller version of a lake. He thinks that the waves and the sheer size of the lake is what was causing me alarm. Me? I’m not sure. I don’t know if I liked the water or not. Mom says I’m built for it because I have thick webbing in between my toes.

Maybe I’ll give it another shot, maybe I won’t.

When we got home Dad gave me a bath. More water! *sigh* But at least I was clean, and then I got a nice long brushing and got to dry out in the sun.

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Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray Review

First I would like to say that I’m sorry for not posting in a while. I’ll have to get on Mom’s tail about that. *glares at Mom*

Anyway, today I am reviewing Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray:

Mom and Dad originally purchased this because I was chewing on the flooring of my crate, even when I wasn’t locked in there and had plenty of toys around. Just on the corners though. Honest, I was just curious what it tasted like!

So Mom would spray this on the corners of my crate. The funny thing was that it was just like extra flavoring.. Mmmm…. Sour.

As soon as Mom would finish spraying it I would go in and lick it off! Yummy. Mom said that she got it so I would stop chewing on the crate floor. Well in that case it worked, I didn’t chew it anymore because I was to busy licking it!

So Mom tried it once more, this didn’t let me see her spray it, and let it dry before she let me near my crate again. But I smelled it, knew what it was, and went right to licking it off.

Mom says that basically it’s over priced flavor enhancer for dogs. Me? I think it’s delicious!

But since Mom says that while it did stop me from chewing, it still wasn’t what she hoped it would be.

So this gets two of out five paws.

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8 In 1 Perfect Coat Shampoo Review

Remember the My First Bath post? Well I wanted to do a review on the shampoo that Mom and Dad bought for me.

It’s the Perfect Coat Natural Oatmeal Shampoo by 8 In 1.

When Mom and Dad took me to the store to pick out a shampoo they said they already knew they wanted something with Oatmeal in it. I have no idea why. Something about dry skin?

Here are the details on the product according to the label:

  • Moisturizes and calms dry, itchy and irritated skin
  • Microencapsulated liposomes replenish and condition skin
  • Leaves coat soft and silky
  • Long lasting French vanilla fragrance

And here is a list of the ingredients:

Water, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamide DEA, disodium oleamido MEA sulfosuccinate, colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera gel, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, carbomer, triethanolamine, propylene glycol, glycerin, diazolidinyl urea, cocamidopropyl betaine, methylparaben, panthenol, propylparaben.

Well I don’t really know much about shampoo, so I’ll just let you guys know what Mom and Dad think of it.

Dad says that it lathers rather nicely and easily rinses off. It’s sort of creamy feeling, which Mom thinks has something to do with the moisturizers in it.

It didn’t take much to cover all 62 lbs of me, so it seems that a little bit goes a long way. It’s not expensive at all, which Mom says is always a bonus in a quality product.

After I had fully dried off Mom and Dad couldn’t stop petting me because I was so soft! My coat seems brighter and is definitely softer.

I don’t really have sensitive skin, but Mom and Dad insisted on something for dry and flaky skin just so it would be a “gentler” product.

It’s been three days since my bath and my coat is still very soft and looks healthier. (Plus all the extra pets from people going “Wow he’s so soft!” is always a bonus.)

However, this particular product was supposed to have a french vanilla smell. Mom says it didn’t really smell like french vanilla when she first opened the bottle, but that it wasn’t a bad smell. She can’t really pin point what the smell actually is though. Also, the product claims to be long lasting. Three days later and there is no smell left from the shampoo what so ever.

So while the clean and soft effects are long lasting it seems that the smell is not.

As a result, I give this product four out of five paws. Dad says we’ll be sticking with this product though. The only reason it didn’t get five out of five paws is due to the smell not being what it states it is, and the smell is not long lasting. In fact the smell of the shampoo was gone withing a few hours.

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