Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats Review

Shortly after Mom and Dad adopted me they realized that I have a wheat allergy. This was determined through lots of research and the process of elimination.

As soon as they realized this, they went through all of my dog treats and read the ingredients. Sure enough, every single one of them had wheat in it. So into the garbage went the already opened bags. The unopened bags were returned to the store. Dad had a hold of me while we were at the pet store, while Mom set out on finding new treats for me that are wheat free.

She was worried that she would have to pull every item off the treat aisle shelves and read the backs. But then she noticed Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats! Right on the front of the bag it says “Wheat Free”! My Mom was so happy that it stated that right on the front of the bag.

So Mom pulled them off the shelve and held it out to me. I sniffed the bag and wagged my tail excitedly. Mom talked to Dad about which flavor to get me. They had Carrot and Real Berries available. Since the one with carrots is the one I had smelled, the ultimately decided to get me that one. I’m sure eventually they will give me the Real Berries one as well!

After we purchased them we got home and Mom had me do a trick (lay down) and when I performed it, she gave me one of the new treats! They are so yummy!

They are small enough to be training treats, so that is a plus. But they are great for just a “You’ve been a good boy, here let’s spoil you a little” treat as well.

Mom was so happy that the bag openly states that it is wheat free, which helped make the shopping easier for her. I wouldn’t have cared if we stayed all day. I love going to stores! Plus Mom tells me that they keep my teeth clean and help freshen my breath. (Ew! Puppy breath!) Both Mom and Dad are glad that despite my wheat allergy they found a good tasting, and good for me treat!

So I have to give these treats a five out of five paws! Yum!


About Radar

I am a one year old Australian Cattle Dog/Bluetick Coonhound/Akita mix. Basically, I'm a well mixed mutt. This blog is all about me and my a
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