Make Your Own Fleece Dog Toy

Mom did some googling last night after reading about how to make a fleece dog bed. She came across directions on how to create a fleece dog toy! This is a great idea, especially if you are already creating the fleece dog bed, as you’re bound to have left over material.


  • 3 1/4 yard pieces of different colored or patterned fleece
  • scissors or a rotary cutter
  • 2 rubber bands


  • Fold each piece of the fleece end to end to cut long strips.
  • Cut three 4″ strips from the folded edge using scissors or a rotary cutter and a ruler. (A 4″ strip width will give you a “medium-width” dog toy. If you want it smaller or larger adjust the strip width.)
  • Unfold the fabric strips and stack one strip of each color/pattern together.
  • Wrap a rubber band around the edge of the fleece, about 5″ from the end.
  • Now braid the three strands together, trying to make the braid as tight as possible. The tighter the braid is, the longer the toy will last.
  • Make the braid about 20-27″ long, leaving some unbraided fleece at the end. This gives room to tie knots.
  • Wrap the second rubber band on the end of the unbraided fleece.
  • Make a knot that falls in the intersection of the unbraided and braided section.
  • Cut the rubber band and pull the knot very tight.
  • Trim both unbraided ends of the bone so they’re roughly the same length.
  • You can either fringe the edges, or leave them how they are.

Pretty cool huh? I hope Mom can buy some fleece soon. Although she thinks if she makes me on, it probably won’t last more than a day, maybe two. But still, it’s another simple thing you can make and donate as well!


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