JW Hole-EE Roller Dog Toy Review

I love playing ball with Mom and Dad! I had a squeaky ball at first, but I flattened it from chewing on it too much when I was bringing it back.

So Mom and Dad took me back to the pet store and found this:

I have the red one! They come in the following sizes at the store we got it from:

  • 3.5″ Diameter
  • 5″ Diameter
  • 8″ Diameter

We got the 5″ diameter one. They thought about getting the 8″ but decided that for the purposes of fetch and catch, the 5″ would be the smarter choice.

Dad picked it out. Mom was a little worried that since I am a powerful chewer that I would have it ripped up in no time flat since it’s basic rubber.

But I’ve had it for a little over three weeks now, and I love it! Thanks to it being able to “spring” back when I’m chewing on it, I think it’s fun the way it bounces back against my gums when I’m biting down on it. It’s really bouncy too! It doesn’t bounce high when Mom or Dad throws it, but the ball likes to try to get away from me when I’m chasing it, which just adds to the fun! It’s softer than a tennis ball and almost “squishy” when you’re playing with it.

You can find this toy and most major pet stores, as well as all over the web!

It has stood up to everything I’ve put it through, including trying to play tug of war with it since I don’t always want to drop it when Mom and Dad are trying to get it back to throw it again. I’m a pretty strong pup, so Mom is utterly amazed by this!

It doesn’t have one tear or mark on it, after over three weeks of abuse! It’s one of my favorite toys!

I have to give this one five out of five paws!


About Radar

I am a one year old Australian Cattle Dog/Bluetick Coonhound/Akita mix. Basically, I'm a well mixed mutt. This blog is all about me and my a
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