I’m Still Here!

We have all been very busy here at our home. Mom has been working her tail off. Well she never actually had a tail, but you get my point I’m sure. And Dad has been nailing down a job as well.

Mom tried to explain to me that now that Dad is going to be working again, that I’m going to have the apartment to myself for about 8 hours most days. I’m not too keen on that idea, but Mom said that because we’ll have more money, I can be spoiled more often so I guess that’s a good enough trade-off.

I have been living with Mom and Dad for about three months now and they are great! They are my pack, and I love them.

I’ve been spending my days playing, running around like a maniac, and learning lots of new stuff.

Dad says that it is not acceptable to jump up on people when I am first meeting them, so they are trying to teach me to sit down before I get pets. I’m a pretty long pup, and a larger mutt so some people are a little scared of me when all I want is some attention. Mom and Dad don’t want people to get the wrong idea about me, so they are working on my manners. I’m just a lover puppy though! I’m so sweet, and innocent! Okay, maybe not so much on the innocent part. But still!

But I’m such a smart dog that now when I want pets I sit down immediately. I just have to work on the staying calm part. I like to rough house a bit too much Mom says, but hey.. I’m working on it lady! I think she only complains because I weigh only 30 lbs less than she does. Mom’s tiny.

I also need to have a talk with my Mom. She needs to update my stuff more often! I have fans ya know! They need to know things about me! I am famous! *stomps paw*

On top of learning how to take pets nicely, I have learned, or am learning, the following things since moving in with my pack:

  1. Sit – Completed
  2. Down (as in lay down) – Completed
  3. Hugs (where I am allowed to pop up and give hugs) – Completed
  4. Off (as in get off of the person/thing) – Completed
  5. Walk Nice (on a leash) – Working On It
  6. Crawl – Working On It
  7. Go to Your Room (my crate) – Completed
  8. Drop It – Working On It
  9. Leave It – Working On It

Mom and Dad are very proud of me! They say they aren’t very interested in teaching me things like “Roll Over”, “Play Dead”, etc. Mom might treat me “Shake” or “High Five” though so I can find new and fun ways to greet people rather than trying to jump up on them.

I do know not to go into what Mom and Dad call “The Bunny Room”. I have two brothers and a sister, all three of them are rabbits. I am not allowed in there though. They are all older bunnies and Mom and Dad don’t want me to stress them out. I do my best to not go in there, but it smells sssooo interesting! But even if my ball rolls in there, which is my favorite toy in the whole wide world, I stop at the door frame and then come and get Mom or Dad to get it for me. See, I told you I was smart.

Mom and Dad say they are very impressed with me, beings as I was a stray before the nice people at the Humane Society took me in and helped me find Dad and Mom. I much prefer having a place to call home, that’s for sure.

Although I did scare Dad one night pretty good. It had just finished storming outside and I had to go potty. So Dad put my leash on and after I was done going potty, I started running around just being me. Then out of no where, I reached the end of my leash but I kept going. The leash didn’t. Dad still isn’t sure how that happened, but in the process two of my tags went flying off.

I started running in circles out in the parking lot and Dad got down on his haunches and called me to him. The first time I got close but then trotted off again. So Dad tried again and this time I came right to him! He praised me a lot and lead me back into our apartment by my collar. Mom had to let us in because Dad had his hands full. They made sure the collar hadn’t broken and then when Mom and Dad went back outside to look for the two tags that had flew off of me.

They were very important tags! They were my rabies and dog license. They say I need them. Mom found my dog license but they weren’t able to find my rabies tag. So they gave up and came back inside.

I got a lot more praise and treats for coming to Dad when he called me. They were just glad I was okay and still safe at home. The next morning when Mom took me outside before she left for work, she found my rabies tag! Yay! So she put all my tags on the same link on my collar instead of on two different ones.

Now Mom and Dad take longer before they let me go outside, checking, and double checking to make sure my leash is attached properly. They worry to much. But they say that’s their job.


About Radar

I am a one year old Australian Cattle Dog/Bluetick Coonhound/Akita mix. Basically, I'm a well mixed mutt. This blog is all about me and my a
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