4th of July Name Game

One of the blogs I read is Dog Eared. They did a post today that explains how each of them got their names. So I thought I would participate since it sounds like so much fun! It is called the 4th of July Name Game!

I was a stray for quite some time. But then the nice people at the Humane Society picked me up, cleaned me up, and tried to help my find a family.

The Humane Society where I was sometimes does “themed” names. Like sometimes they do celebrity names, other times they do holiday themed names. Why? I have no idea. But it’s fun!

But when I was there they were doing baseball themed names! So my full “original” name was “Triple” Radar. That was the name that was posted outside of my room at the Humane Society when Mom and Dad came to find me.

So after they adopted me they decided that something about the way I look and the way I act made it seem like Radar was a good name for me. However, they dropped the “Triple” part as they are not baseball fans and they didn’t think it quite fit me to have a longer name. They thought just Radar was a lot better for me (and easier to call out as well).

I’m glad they dropped the “Triple” though. I don’t want people calling me Trip for short. Blech! *sticks tongue out*

So there you have it! How I got my name!


About Radar

I am a one year old Australian Cattle Dog/Bluetick Coonhound/Akita mix. Basically, I'm a well mixed mutt. This blog is all about me and my a
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