Petco Easy Step-In Dog Harness Review

I am a tricky, tricky dog. No really I am!

You see I have this knack for getting out of my collar when the leash is attached to it. I have gotten off my leash three times in the short period of time that I’ve been living with Mom and Dad. I have never once ran off. I always came right to Dad when I was called. But that didn’t stop Dad’s heart from jumping into his throat each time.

Mom and Dad couldn’t figure out how I was getting out of my collar. It is tight enough and when they tug on it it doesn’t go up and over my head. So apparently I’m magic or something.

But regardless of how, Mom and Dad don’t want it happening again. They thought about getting me a “choke chain”, but quickly dismissed the idea since it is still possible to get out of them. I use to have a “no-slip” collar, but it was ripping my handsome fur out! 😦 Not good! So Mom and Dad had switched me to a regular collar.

Then Mom suggested that we get me something called a harness. Neither Mom or Dad have ever used one before, but they knew it was impossible to get out of without chewing it off, which honestly could be done with a leash as well.

So while Dad was at work today, Mom set to work looking for a dog harness. She had heard that they were really hard to get on, and she was kind of worried about that since I would only be wearing it when I go outside.

She stumbled upon one that claimed to be an “easy step-in” harness. That peaked her interest. The first style she found was obviously for a girl dog. Ew! Pink butterflies! Yuck Mom!

So she looked at other designs and found this:

It is called the “Petco Easy Step-In Dog Harness”. You may not be able to tell from the picture, as Mom couldn’t find a close-up one, but it is black with white skull & crossbones all over it! Mom was so happy to find it because I already have a collar with skull & crossbones on it. I am Pirate Puppy ©! Mom says that the Jolly Roger is my logo. *wags tail*

Here are the specs on it:

  • Simple easy step-in design
  • Simply lay the harness flat, place right & left paws in & snap on
  • Edgy mini white skull print
  • Adjustable for a custom fit on your dog or room to grow for your puppy
  • Features heavy duty stitching and metal d-rings

As you can probably tell in the pictures there are two metal d-rings on the part of the harness that lays on my back. They are on either side of the buckle that connects the whole thing. Dad just clips the matching leash that they also bought to the metal d-rings and we’re good to go!

It is so simple to put on! As I said Mom and Dad have never used a dog harness before and they figured this out in seconds with no help from anyone in the store! I am very proud of them. It is easy to adjust as well.

On the inside of the harness there is a little decal on either side of the harness. On the left side it has a little paw print with the letter “L” for left on it, and on the right side there is a little paw print with the letter “R” for right on it. Like I said, it is extremely simple to put on.

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s durable, and it’s stylish! It matches the collar I already had (They do have a collar they sell that matches the harness and leash as well. But I already had a skull and crossbones collar so no need to get a new one.), and there was a matching leash that Mom and Dad also purchased. Needless to say this product gets five out of five paws!


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