Adoption Story

On 04/02/10 my Mom and Dad came to the local humane society. As they were walking around they passed the room I was in and peeked inside. I was sitting there on my dog bed, being a good boy and just looking back at them. I wasn’t barking, I wasn’t wagging my tail, I was just very curious.

Mom pointed out my curly tail and said that she thought it was so cute! Mom and Dad read my “profile” that was posted outside of my room. They thought my name was cute, and read about my personality, and all the other information the nice people at the humane society had put down for others to read.

They looked at one another and decided to go to the front and ask to see me. They got the paperwork and came back by my room, sat on a bench in front of it and filled it out. They then gave it back to the receptionist and not so patiently waited to meet me face to face.

While they were waiting one of the adoption counselors came by and put a sign on my door saying that I was being considered for adoption. Mom and Dad then realized that another family was interested in me as I was taken out of my room to meet the other people.

They were sad, but didn’t want to interfere in case I had found my forever home. So they looked around some more and met another dog who is also a good boy, but didn’t quite seem like the right fit for my Mom and Dad.

After talking to the adoption counselor that they were assigned to, they decided to ask about me again to see if I had in fact been adopted. The counselor went to check and left Mom and Dad in the room where the dogs and the humans meet one another face to face. It turns out that the other family had decided that I wasn’t the right pup for them, and that I was still ready for adoption. So The counselor opened my door to let me in and meet Mom and Dad.

I went to Dad first and gave him lots and lots of kisses and leaned against his legs. Then I ran over to Mom and gave her lots of kisses to and trotted circles around them both, smiling the whole time.

Before I knew it Mom and Dad told the counselor that they wanted to start the adoption process for me, and the counselor smiled and said, “I think he’d be a good fit for you two!”

I wagged my tail in agreement and was put back in my room. The counselor sent Mom and Dad back up to the reception area while she put a sign on my door saying that I was going home!

Mom and Dad paid for my adoption fee, bought me a brand new leash and some toys to go home with. Then they went into a room and signed all the papers that they needed to. Then someone came back got me, and walked me out to Mom and Dad.

I was a little afraid of the car and refused to jump up. So Mom climbed into the backseat and held my leash while Dad picked me up and placed me into the car.

I love my new home and am so glad that Mom and Dad found me and that I found them!


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