My First Bath

Today Mom and Dad took me to one of our favorite pet stores. They bought me a brush and a bottle of something they call shampoo. I didn’t know what it was, I just knew I couldn’t eat it.

We checked out and then when we got home Dad took my collar off. Mom and Dad walked into the bathroom so of course I followed them. I had no idea what they were up to.

They turned on the shower thingy, and then before I knew what was coming Dad picked me up and plopped me into the tub! Ack! I was getting all wet! I like the rain but this was just to much.

Mom stood by and didn’t help me at all. Dad was sitting next to me, outside of the bathtub and scrubbed me down.

I figured I was defeated at this point. I was already wet, and Dad obviously wanted me in there. Plus I kept giving Mom my best puppy dog face, but she just smiled at me and told I was being a good boy. No help there. Thanks a lot Mom!

So I just sat down in the tub and let them wash me.

After what felt like forever Dad finally turned the water off. Mom went and got my collar and leash. Dad hooked me up to the leash once the collar was on and led me outside so I could shake off.

But they weren’t done yet!

Next they gave me a good brushing. They left my loose fur outside. They said the birds would like it for their nests. I didn’t really care. I was just glad that I was out of the tub.

Once the brushing was done we all went back inside and Dad and Mom played with me for a while.

I’m tuckered out now, so it’s time for a puppy nap! Geeze, it’s been a big day!

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JW Hole-EE Roller Dog Toy Review

I love playing ball with Mom and Dad! I had a squeaky ball at first, but I flattened it from chewing on it too much when I was bringing it back.

So Mom and Dad took me back to the pet store and found this:

I have the red one! They come in the following sizes at the store we got it from:

  • 3.5″ Diameter
  • 5″ Diameter
  • 8″ Diameter

We got the 5″ diameter one. They thought about getting the 8″ but decided that for the purposes of fetch and catch, the 5″ would be the smarter choice.

Dad picked it out. Mom was a little worried that since I am a powerful chewer that I would have it ripped up in no time flat since it’s basic rubber.

But I’ve had it for a little over three weeks now, and I love it! Thanks to it being able to “spring” back when I’m chewing on it, I think it’s fun the way it bounces back against my gums when I’m biting down on it. It’s really bouncy too! It doesn’t bounce high when Mom or Dad throws it, but the ball likes to try to get away from me when I’m chasing it, which just adds to the fun! It’s softer than a tennis ball and almost “squishy” when you’re playing with it.

You can find this toy and most major pet stores, as well as all over the web!

It has stood up to everything I’ve put it through, including trying to play tug of war with it since I don’t always want to drop it when Mom and Dad are trying to get it back to throw it again. I’m a pretty strong pup, so Mom is utterly amazed by this!

It doesn’t have one tear or mark on it, after over three weeks of abuse! It’s one of my favorite toys!

I have to give this one five out of five paws!

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I’m Green!

Mom and Dad adopted me from our local humane society. You can read my adoption story here.

I lived at the humane society for a month and one day. I arrived there March 1st, 2010 and Mom and Dad adopted me on April 2nd, 2010. While I was there the nice people at the humane society did a personality test, as they do with all their dogs, to see what kind of guardian would be perfect for me!

They decided that what they call “Green People” would be best for me. So I am a “Green Dog”. They describe “Green” as follows:

“Green people could be dog training pros or are ready to make the commitment to become a pro! They have enough time to enjoy consistent daily training, exercise and mental stimulation. These folks prefer a very spirited, vivacious dog who is outgoing and active.”

That’s Mom and Dad in a nutshell. They love my activity level (most of the time).

In addition to assigning each dog a color, each color has varying personality types that they had labeled. Mine was “Life of the Party”! And boy am I ever!

Life of the Party is described as follows:

“I think everything is fun, interesting and needs to be played with – especially you! Anything you do, I’ll want to do it, too. With my own brand of surprises, life with me will keep you constantly on your toes; the fun is guaranteed.”

They got my personality down that’s for sure! I love doing everything Mom and Dad do! Including trying to drive. Sometimes I hop in the driver’s seat when we first get in the car and Dad has to tell me to move. He says I can’t drive because I don’t have thumbs and can’t reach the pedals. I still want to try though! I have a dog license… but Dad says that’s different from his driver’s license. Silly Dad.

I follow Mom and Dad every where in the house. And I love playing with them outside. I don’t do off leash because Mom and Dad live in a some what busy area, but that’s okay. I have plenty of fun even on my leash!

And I know I keep Mom and Dad on their toes. They are constantly telling me how much I have surprised them over the past month. Mom and Dad also said that they loved how all the dogs at the humane society were labeled with “colors” and different personalities. They think it’s a great idea, and very helpful! I tend to agree, because that helped Mom and Dad find me rather easily.

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Make Your Own Fleece Dog Toy

Mom did some googling last night after reading about how to make a fleece dog bed. She came across directions on how to create a fleece dog toy! This is a great idea, especially if you are already creating the fleece dog bed, as you’re bound to have left over material.


  • 3 1/4 yard pieces of different colored or patterned fleece
  • scissors or a rotary cutter
  • 2 rubber bands


  • Fold each piece of the fleece end to end to cut long strips.
  • Cut three 4″ strips from the folded edge using scissors or a rotary cutter and a ruler. (A 4″ strip width will give you a “medium-width” dog toy. If you want it smaller or larger adjust the strip width.)
  • Unfold the fabric strips and stack one strip of each color/pattern together.
  • Wrap a rubber band around the edge of the fleece, about 5″ from the end.
  • Now braid the three strands together, trying to make the braid as tight as possible. The tighter the braid is, the longer the toy will last.
  • Make the braid about 20-27″ long, leaving some unbraided fleece at the end. This gives room to tie knots.
  • Wrap the second rubber band on the end of the unbraided fleece.
  • Make a knot that falls in the intersection of the unbraided and braided section.
  • Cut the rubber band and pull the knot very tight.
  • Trim both unbraided ends of the bone so they’re roughly the same length.
  • You can either fringe the edges, or leave them how they are.

Pretty cool huh? I hope Mom can buy some fleece soon. Although she thinks if she makes me on, it probably won’t last more than a day, maybe two. But still, it’s another simple thing you can make and donate as well!

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Make Your Own Dog Bed

Mom was searching the website of the humane society where her and Dad adopted me from. Mom loves to look at their website and read about the wild life rescues, fund raisers, etc.

She stumbled across a “wish list” they have listed for donations. They suggested making dog beds and donating them to the humane society. My mom, who is domestically challenged, was interested but afraid she wouldn’t be able to do it. She can’t sew really well, she says. Whatever sewing is.

But this is a no-sew dog bed! Cool!


  • Fleece
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure (optional)
  • Polyfill (optional)


Cut fleece into two equal sized squares. The humane society suggests sizes between 20 and 36 inches. An easy way to do this is to lay the pieces on top of one another and cut them to size or fold a larger piece and cut it in half.

Keeping the two pieces of fleece together, cut a four inch square out of each corner of the fleece.

Cut 1 x 4 inch strips around the outer edge of the fleece so it starts to look like fringe. Be careful to keep the two pieces of fleece together!

When you have cut the fringe all the way around, begin to knot together the top fleece and the bottom fleece with a simple double knot.

You may want to put some Polyfill into the bed before you knot the final side to make the bed extra comfy.

Mom says she may actually try this one, just as soon as she gets some fleece, so she can donate them. I of course want one! But Mom says she is going to wait until I’m a bit older before she makes me one, because I’ll probably just rip it to shreds. But that just means she would have the enjoyment of making me another one, so I don’t see the problem personally.

When Mom does make one (or more) she’ll be sure to post pictures!

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Mom Called Me A Theif!

In the morning on weekdays, Mom gets up when her alarm goes off. She’s kind of cranky in the morning. She says it’s because she’s not a morning person, so I make sure to give her extra cuddles.

She gets ready for something she calls “work” and then takes me outside to go potty. Well this morning on our way back inside, we went up to the main door of the apartment complex as usual. Mom opened the door and walked inside first. Once I was inside she shut the door and walked towards our apartment.

Well someone who works for the apartment complex always leaves this wedge of wood right next to the door. I don’t know what it’s for. Mom and Dad tell me it’s to prop the door open, but to me it just looks like it’s sitting there doing nothing.

So Mom gets me inside our apartment and I sit down like a good boy to have my leash taken off. Mom leans in to un-clip the leash when she gets this weird look on her face and says, “What’s in your mouth!?”

I just wag my tail and proudly show her the wedge of wood. She seemed baffled. She was talking outloud, although I don’t think it was directly at me. It went something like this.

“I don’t know how you got that. There was no resistance on the leash at all! How in the world..”

She then took my prize away from me! Mean Mom! She told me we had to put it back. I don’t know why. I mean it was just sitting there! No one else was playing with it so why not me?

She walks me back out to the main door of the complex and sets it back down. I went to grab it again, to insist that no one was going to miss it so I might as well have it. She told me no and made me go back into the apartment.

She laughed when we got back inside and I was off my leash. She rubbed my neck and called me her little thief.

It’s not stealing if no one else is playing with it, right?

Right. That’s what I thought, but apparently Mom doesn’t understand these things at all!

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Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats Review

Shortly after Mom and Dad adopted me they realized that I have a wheat allergy. This was determined through lots of research and the process of elimination.

As soon as they realized this, they went through all of my dog treats and read the ingredients. Sure enough, every single one of them had wheat in it. So into the garbage went the already opened bags. The unopened bags were returned to the store. Dad had a hold of me while we were at the pet store, while Mom set out on finding new treats for me that are wheat free.

She was worried that she would have to pull every item off the treat aisle shelves and read the backs. But then she noticed Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats! Right on the front of the bag it says “Wheat Free”! My Mom was so happy that it stated that right on the front of the bag.

So Mom pulled them off the shelve and held it out to me. I sniffed the bag and wagged my tail excitedly. Mom talked to Dad about which flavor to get me. They had Carrot and Real Berries available. Since the one with carrots is the one I had smelled, the ultimately decided to get me that one. I’m sure eventually they will give me the Real Berries one as well!

After we purchased them we got home and Mom had me do a trick (lay down) and when I performed it, she gave me one of the new treats! They are so yummy!

They are small enough to be training treats, so that is a plus. But they are great for just a “You’ve been a good boy, here let’s spoil you a little” treat as well.

Mom was so happy that the bag openly states that it is wheat free, which helped make the shopping easier for her. I wouldn’t have cared if we stayed all day. I love going to stores! Plus Mom tells me that they keep my teeth clean and help freshen my breath. (Ew! Puppy breath!) Both Mom and Dad are glad that despite my wheat allergy they found a good tasting, and good for me treat!

So I have to give these treats a five out of five paws! Yum!

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